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2009-06-25: It Is Never Too Late - Call Your Prospects Now!

Have you ever lamented, Oh, I never got around to calling one special person, and I will look silly if I call now.

My belief is it is never too late to call. When you do take the step to re-connect, begin with an apology for being out of the loop. It is more important to the other person to be remembered than to be angry. You will find most people are forgiving.

The next step for this call is to smooth out the wrinkles. Ask how they have been and what they see as the highlights for the coming months or year. Now their guard will come down as everyone loves to talk about themselves and the excitement they are anticipating. Then it will be your turn to briefly share what your upcoming projects look like.

The two of you may discover a path where you can help or partner with one another. By the time you finish your conversation, you will be glad you called! At the very least, you will feel better knowing you finally followed-up.

Are you experiencing a slow business month? Challenge yourself to open your database program and begin calling at least 20 people per day until you have called everyone. Re-introduce yourself if need be.

You will catch many off guard. They will be happy you called to say, I was thinking of you. A nice conversation will follow. By doing this regularly, you will find new business that otherwise would not have arisen.

Many people confide they are concerned about interrupting others from their busy day with idle chatter. They do not know how to handle casual calls if business is not imminent.

The best method for handling casual calls is to simply ask the person who answers the phone, Did I catch you at an okay time? People love being asked that question because it pays respect for their time, and I have found, most often, they will talk for a few minutes even though they do not have the time.

Another approach for calling a busy person is to ask, upon hearing a rushed voice, I can hear you are rushed, when would be a better time to call back? Almost always they will give you a date and time to call again. The next time you call, remind them they told you to do so!

You may also wish to consider sending very short, personal email to each person you have met, or a hand written note. If humor is part of your personality, send a funny postcard or clever line in a note relating to what the other person has an interest in and to what it is you offer. Sending these mailings on a routine basis will land you appointments that were previously difficult to obtain.

It is the consistent touches through the year that will have people remembering you and your business when a need arises. When you have a rhythm for maintaining contact with everyone, your clients will be forgiving if the completion date for a project becomes too optimistic. Leading in communication is essential for every aspect of your business.

Many organizations and companies have experienced new growth, but at the same time, they have client and member leakage out the back door. This phenomenon occurs when the communication stops. The only plug for stopping leakage is to over-deliver on their expectations, be there for them when future questions arise, and continually thank your clients for their business. You must make each client feel appreciated.

Make it a practice to reconnect with those who have been out of the loop for more than six months, and do your best hereon forward to check in quarterly. Ask for updates. You might just find extra business!

About the Author

Elinor Stutz, CEO of Smooth Sale, LLC and author of Nice Girls DO Get the Sale trains others on her proven relationship selling techniques through services and products. Her book sells worldwide. Services include training, coaching, and speaking. Her products suit all learning styles. She writes for Diversity Edge Magazine.


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