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2009-07-11:Zain Nigeria offers Pay4Me Service

 Pay4Me can be described as a mobile call in which the calling party (A Party) places a call at the called party’s (B Party) expense. The service allows users to complete calls even if they are out of credit or their balance is too low.

With Pay4Me service Zain Customers that cannot afford to place calls due to low credits/ airtime can now do so as the other party is billed for the call.

How to Use the Pay4Me Service

To initiate a pay4me call, the following scenarios takes place:
(Where Party A is the initiator and Party B is the recipient).

STEP 1: Party A dials 777 followed by the desired MSISDN e.g. 77708022221234

STEP 2: Party A listens to a pre-recorded message that goes as follows:

  • Please press 1 to continue in English

  • I beg press 2 to continue for Pidgin (Please press 2 to continue in Pidgin)

  • Ete eta ti ebafe fe te siwaju ni ede Yoruba (Please press 3 to continue in Yoruba)

  • Biko pia ano iji kwuo n'olu igbo (Please press 4 to continue in Ibo)

  • Ka danna lamba biyar domin ka ci gaba a cikin Hausa (Please press 5 to continue in Hausa)

(Please note)

  • The language selection option is given only in the first dial-up instance. Subsequently, the customer will be serviced in the previous language selection

  • The selected language option would be the language the called party would hear anytime a Pay4Me call is initiated from Party A that has selected language other than English

  • Multiple language option is only available for Direct dial

STEP 3: Upon selecting a preferred language option, Party A listens to a pre-recorded message that says “Your request is being processed, you will be connected shortly” in the selected language option

STEP 4: While waiting to be connected, Party A will hear further education on features of the service or other Zain products

STEP 5: Party A places an inbound call that displays name or MSISDN to Party B

STEP 6: When Party B accepts the call, it commences with the recording: "You have a collect call. This call will be charged to your account according to your current tariff, with no extra charges. Please press 1 to accept the call, OR please press 2 to reject the call”

STEP 7: If Party B accepts, the call is connected to Party A (for which Party B billed accordingly)

STEP 8: If Party B rejects the call, then Party A will receive the response: “Sorry, the customer you are trying to reach is not answering. Please try again later"

Source:Zain Nigeria


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