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2009-07-10:FG To Release New Map Of Nigeria Soon

By Joshua Uma

The Federal Government has disclosed that the new administrative map of the country will be released in a few months time, because they have commenced the bit by bit collection of the entire geographical mass in a digital form.

The Surveyor-General of the Federation, Mr. Austin Njepuome, made the disclosure in Abuja yesterday, during the interactive session organised by the Presidential Technical Committee in Land Reform for selected training institutions which held in Abuja.

He stated that the move is in line with President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua's land reform policy Initiatives towards the repositioning process of governance to achieve the Vision 20:2020 goal.

"The need for reforming land administration system in Nigeria is due to the identified deficiencies associated with the laws governing land matters to adequately empower individuals and groups   for the upliftment of their standards of living.

"Certificate of Occupancy is an evidence that the land belongs to you, but land without documents are risky because the land could be claimed and taken over by another person since they have no title. The title empowers you as the owner to claim the land and have something to show for it. It will even serve as collateral in business transactions", he said.

In agreement to the above, the chairman of the committee, Prof Akin L. Mabogunje, while delivering his keynote address cited the provision of sections 34.2 and 36.2 of the Land Use Act, which indicates that "in a developed land, the person in possession of such land could continue holding such a land as if the holder has the statutory ownership of such a land".

This, he said, has resulted into several conflicts in land matters in the nation.

History, he continued, "is replete with several facts that no country has ever developed without using existing technology to transform its land administration systems. Land and as well as its reform process are by nature, social and also economic.

"They reflect wide and divergent socio-economic interests of individuals, families, groups, associations and corporate bodies, which is why most African countries are now undertaking land reforms to capitalise the land assets of the vast majority of their citizens.

Source:Leadership Nigeria


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