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2009-07-07:Anchor Insurance adopts ‘Smile is Guaranteed’ as campaign theme

By Ayeleso Oladele

AS part of its strategic measure to take insurance products to the door steps of all Nigerians in the next one year, Anchor Insurance Company has adopted a campaign concept tagged “Smile Is Guaranteed.”

According to the head of Corporate Communication and Brand Management, Mr. Femi Lawson, who confirmed this at the company new head office at Lekki Phase 1, said the company had adopted this campaign concept based on the promise of re-defining insurance to take its rightful place in the country’s economy and to ensure professionalism in the area of service delivery.

He said, ‘Smile Is Guaranteed’ was just a creative redefinition of the company’s promise to all Anchor Insurance stakeholders, and customers in particular, that would give the customers nothing but the best in all their insurance transactions with the company.

He said making the insured public happy and smile always even in the cases of eventualities and keeping the minds of property owners at rest in cases of losses were the purpose of insurance. He added that with a genuine insurance policy, the property is protected.

While expatiating on the rationale behind the campaign concept, Lawson explained that customers were smiling at the point of purchasing of the property. “Anchor will ensure that the smile continues even when there is a loss if that particular property is well insured with us,” he explained.

In the area of accidents, according to him, Anchor Personal Accident Insurance cover offers fast payment without ceremonies.

“When you have Anchor insurance covers, you have earned yourself smile because our processes are time based with the interest of our customers at heart. We operate under a dynamic management style of total quality management. Employees are smiling because this strategy involves a lot of motivations to build a strong loyalty and increase sales,” he said.

Source:Nigerian Tribune


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