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ServiceVows launches


Servicevows is a global customer service specialist and process improvement consulting outfit known for her ability to identify critical service issues and focus on improving standards while targeting the unique objectives of each client. We complement and augment the existing service touchpoints of our clients.

We highlight consumer right issues and the obligation of service providers to respect this in the discharge of service and assist consumers in getting their specific problem solved by creating the appropriate channel and process.

We indeed bridge the communication gap which hitherto exists between the service provider and the consumer.

We also proffer benchmarking strategies for implementation by regulatory agencies in order to maintain pre-established standards by all operators in a prticular industry.
The customer always desire and deserve quality service.This can however only be achieved when there is an adequate knowledge of the available channels and confidence in the process of addressing observed inadequacies on the part of the service provider.
The service provider needs to appreciate and understand that quality service is not lip service but rather a series of deliberate actions aimed at satisfying and exceeding the expectations of the customer.
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